The park will not be operated by the city. It will be operated by Southern Whitewater Development Group.

Their website identifies themselves as Southern Whitewater Development Group, LLC.  Just exactly who is behind this group?

The Alabama Secretary of State’s office has no listing for this business entity on their records page.

So it appears a company not legally registered in the State of Alabama is behind the largest project in Montgomery’s history. And some strange names and groups appear in the title history of the property on which this project is being developed.

Are a small cadre of very well known white men enriching themselves at the public trough in a majority black town? And what is this? Was the poor original black owner of the property bamboozled out of his birth right? Buy low and sell high, right guys? Inside knowledge is all the rage as it sure pays well.  OK, things *might* just pass the bare minimum for legal but the horrific skinning of a poor black family to establish a multi-generational annuity for a handful of old white men is disgusting. Like the Good Book says, “Be sure your sin will find you out”.

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